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APA upgraded from COUNTER 3 to COUNTER 4 usage reporting in October 2014. At that time your usage activity going back to January 2014 was reprocessed to reflect COUNTER 4 criteria. Here is an overview of what changed in your reports from APA.

  1. New JR1 GOA report
    Sub-set of the JR1 report. Counts the number of gold open access (GOA) full-text articles accessed.
  2. New JR2 report
    Indicates the number of access denied experiences users had because the requested journal content was not subscribed.
  3. New JR5 report
    Indicates the number of full-text articles accessed by year of publication and journal.
  4. DB1 report modified
    New version provides the number of searches, record views*, and result clicks** per subscribed database. Session counts are dropped.
  5. DB3 renamed PR1 and modified
    New version, renamed Platform Report 1 (PR1), provides the number of searches, record views*, and result clicks** executed on the APA PsycNET platform.

Here is what did not change:

  1. JR1 report - still reports full-text articles accessed (HTML and PDF) by journal.
  2. BR2 report - still reports full-text chapters accessed (enhancement added is the DOI).
  3. DD1 report - still reports full-text material accessed for PsycTESTS, PsycCRITIQUES, and PsycEXTRA.

*Record view = display/save/print/email action on an abstract or a database record
**Result click = clicking action after a search has been performed

You may also view your COUNTER 4 Usage Reports.

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